Creature of the Night

This site is intended to share some of my favorite nocturnal works, and perhaps inspire curiosity in others about the mystical universe of long exposure night photography.

I first dabbled with night photography as a teenager back in the pre-digital darkroom days. Years later I took a course at Berkeley with Tim Baskerville, and night morphed into an addiction. Some other classmates and I started The Night Lights and got looped in with The Nocturnes, and we have all been shooting in the darkness ever since.

Why night? Pitch darkness wipes the slate clean, creating a blank canvas where you can create your vision. The darker the better. Some of my exposures took as long as 13 minutes to shoot, with LED and flash lighting on elements I wanted to highlight. Painting with light is simple, and a layer of darkness adds a new dimension to the standard scenic photo. Watch for star trails and enjoy!